BP16: See You All In Prague


After Budapest and Zagreb, Prague is going to host the next “business + practice” (bp) translation conference on April 15th and 16th. bp16 is not only a great opportunity for freelance translators to network and relax in a gorgeous city, it also offers dozens of informative sessions on topics related to our industry.

And there is one more reason why I feel excited about bp16: I have had the honour of being invited to present one of the sessions, and to talk about a topic I have been working on for many months and feel passionate about. It will be an absolute pleasure to share my ideas at this popular event and to hear what others have to say. And I hope to meet some of you there too!

Here are some details about my session:

Translation in Transition

The only constant is change, both in life and in business. Not only is change inevitable, it is essential to our renewal, sustainability and continued success. Yet, we resist change as we instinctively fear chaos and uncertainty. To adapt and thrive in a world that is evolving at an ever-increasing pace, business owners such as translators and interpreters need to overcome this fear and to develop vital skills in change management.

This session will explore change from three different angles: the technological side of change (what is changing and how fast), the human side of change (how we react to it and how it affects our performance) and the business side of change (when to start something new). Understanding these key aspects will help translators and interpreters future-proof themselves and deal more efficiently with the changes our industry will inevitably undergo.

For the full conference programme please click here.

See you in Prague!



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