International Coach Of The Year and how coaching can help translators

International Coach Of The Year 2016

With Bev James, CEO of The Coaching Academy

On Saturday December 10th, The Coaching Academy celebrated the successes of its former students with a very stylish award ceremony held at De Vere’s Latimer Place, just outside London.

Awards were presented in 7 categories, including Best Newcomer, Life Coach Of The Year, NLP Coach Of The Year, Small Business Coach Of The Year, Executive Coach Of The Year, Coaching For A Cause, and International Coach Of The Year.

I’m very honoured and grateful to have been presented with the International Coach Of The Year 2016 award for my work with freelance translators and interpreters around the world, including the Future-Proof Translator webinar series, my article in the ATA Chronicle, and the various talks I gave across Europe and at the ATA conference in San Francisco just a few weeks ago.

A night to remember!

I didn’t know I was going to coach fellow translators and interpreters when I trained with The Coaching Academy, but by the time I qualified as a coach it had become clear to me that the language industry was going through a lot of changes and that it needed to adapt. I knew coaching could help.

Coaching is a process that empowers people to set goals, step outside their comfort zones, overcome challenges and take action. It also helps people to manage transitions as they say goodbye to their old selves and explore new ways of doing things.

Whether they wish to move to another country, target a niche market, set up an agency, go back to work after raising children or modernise with the latest technology, coaching can help translators and interpreters to reach their goals faster and more efficiently.

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