Design Your Life As A Translator And/Or Interpreter

Did you know that only 20% of the population have a passion? Most people like many things but can’t identify a single one of them as a passion. So if you’re feeling unsure about what to do next or what direction to take as a translator/interpreter, if you’re unsure about what you should specialise in, you’re not the only one. And there is a solution to your problem.


In his two-part webinar series entitled “Design Your Life”, Bill Burnett taught his students at Stanford University how to use the “Design Thinking” technique to create a life or career that is right for them. The recordings of these webinars are now available online.

In the first webinar, you will learn how to recognise when you’re in “flow” –that state when time stands still and you feel a sense of complete involvement, inner clarity and focus.



In the second webinar, you will learn how to use the “Way Finding” method to create “experience prototypes” that will help you to decide what direction to take next in your life or career.



Out of all the techniques shared in these webinars, which one did you like the most? How will it help you to advance your career as a translator/interpreter?

You can find out more about Bill Burnett’s techniques in his book: Designing Your Life.


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Photo credit: William Iven

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