FREE coaching session for translators and interpreters

Have you ever been coached? Would you like to give coaching a try? I recently recorded a 30-minute coaching session to allow you to do just that — for free!

This “taster” session will help you turn your ideas and goals into action plans that motivate you to move forwards. It will take you through the four stages of the GROW model, which I described in “Demystifying Coaching In The Translation Community“.

The session I recorded is called a “silent” coaching session because you will answer a series of questions in your head and on paper. It follows a generic script, which means that you will be able to use it for all your personal and professional goals.

Silent Coaching Session at CambridgeSpace, June 14th 2017 – Photo ©Tim Bond

Earlier this week, I took a group of small business owners, freelancers and professionals through a “silent” coaching session and this is what they went away with:

  • More clarity about their goals
  • A sense of direction
  • New insights and ideas
  • Increased levels of commitment and motivation
  • A feeling of empowerment
  • An action plan for the next couple of weeks

“I recently attended a ‘silent’ coaching session that Christelle gave at CambridgeSpace. Although it was only a ‘taster’ session, I found it helpful, inspiring and very motivating.”
Kim Wing Fung, Software Consultant

Interested? Great! For more information and to try your free session (mp3 recording) simply follow this link.

I hope you find it useful and, as always, don’t hesitate to send me your feedback. I look forward to hearing how you got on.


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Top photo by Lee Campbell

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