Podcast with Paul Urwin: Coaching and the Future-Proof Translator

  On Friday, I had the honour and the pleasure of being interviewed by Paul Urwin of 100 Percent Translations. In this lively and engaging podcast, we talk about coaching for translators and about the Future-Proof Translator webinar series, which starts on December 1st. What can we do to adapt to changing market conditions? To find out, […]

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Riding The Wave Of Technological Change As A Translator

While the aim of new technologies is to improve our efficiency and productivity as professional translators, could the ever-increasing speed at which new solutions are released be detrimental to our performance? And what can we do to ride the wave of technological change more effectively? Find out in my first contribution to newly launched online magazine Slator.  

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What Does The Future Hold For Translators?

Tech Comm expert Stefan Gentz talked about the future of our industry at the 2015 Institute of Translation and Interpreting Conference, which took place in Newcastle, UK, last month. His “10 facts about the future the translation industry cannot afford to ignore” were received with mixed reactions, including criticism about the one-sidedness of his presentation […]

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